Usually, keeping a dog alone can train from the age of 12 weeks. But for an adult dog it can also be trained. I just need to give him a little bit of time to adjust. Especially the dog that’s very attached to his owner. kitchenious will explain. The training guidelines are as follows:

1. Start with one for a short time: We should start from a short time before the first time, maybe start with a different room or different floor in the house, give each other a few hours of their own time before playing or doing activities together, and then move to not being at home on holiday to see their behavior. The first time may start from going outside for a few hours. And then stroking his head or greeting him. So that, he can gradually understand that we still love and care for him. Before gradually increasing the time in this way, the dog will eventually learn to live alone in the house.

Start with one for a short time: We should start from a short time before the first time

2. Make the house interesting and comfortable: One way to make us happily feed the dog in the house is to make the environment in the house interesting so that he can have something to do each day. Try to find fun toys, especially secret dog toys that, in addition to having fun, allow him to practice thinking. In the area, we may also try out high-tech devices such as internet-connected. And mobile-controlled ball throwers. So that we can play with dogs during their free time. During the day even if we are not at home.

3. Take a man out or play together before leaving the house: For dogs who like to stay at home and destroy their belongings, this will help a lot. Try taking the dog for a walk or exercise. Before the owner leaves the house, helping the dog to use its energy in the right way. It also helps the owner to exercise. We may have to get up half an hour earlier than usual and take the dog to an activity together. Getting up early requires a little bit of effort, but believe me, the results are worth it.

4. Make leaving each day normal: After training the dog to start at home alone. Try to keep your day-to-day routine the same. Leaving the house in a calm position as if it were normal. And when you come back, greet the dog as usual. Don’t show too much love. In this way, the dog will know that it is normal. And not a concern for the boss not to be at home.

5. Leave the owner smelling: The last technique for relieving the loneliness for our dog is to try to leave something that smells to make him more relaxed. We may have to give up our shirts or pants and leave them on the couch or chair. So that the dog understands that even if we are not at home, we have not gone away either.

Finally, even if we train the dog to be able to live alone in the house. But we must not forget that dogs should not be alone for a long period of time, because all dogs also need sufficient love and attention from their owners. Don’t forget to create a good time between you and your dog.

Dividing each day to do activities with him intently to bond with each other, such as playing fun things, brushing or taking a walk, can be made into a timetable every day like every week so that he can learn what time to do and make it easier for us to manage time.